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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Classroom Makeover Ideas

Hey friends!

I'm not sure if you saw on my FB Page, but this school year, I've returned to a third grade teaching position. I'm super excited about this transition and wanted to share with you my classroom make over!

Classroom Makeover

This is what my room looked like when I walked in. 

Then we had this chair. 

My husband said that in order to paint the room, we had to "prep" the walls. In my mind, I thought just get the rollers out and paint. That was NOT the case. We had remove all of the tape and staples from the wall. Next, we could begin to sand the walls. This was probably the most difficult job.

For the record, I did sand SOME of the walls, but the spouse did MOST of it :) 

Next, we were able to paint the trim of the walls and all of the little groves. I am not sure that's what they are called!

Once we started to use the rollers, the painting went MUCH faster!

 My husband decided he didn't like the brown doors, so we removed them, sanded and painted them. This was such a chore because the doors were so heavy!

I looked at the furniture that was available and decided which pieces I could repurpose. At first glance,  I thought I was going to trash this table. After further investigation, we decided to cover it with contact paper. The biggest tip is that we covered it with two layers to make it more durable.

 He measures everything before he does ANYTHING. It's a great quality to have, I do not have it.

Final product of our table make over

We repainted this book shelf  for my math manipulatives.

Mr. Mike now hangs my bulletin boards for me. This project would not have happened without him!

I found the most darling storage bins from Kirklands on CLEARANCE!

Just when he thought he was finished hanging stuff, I needed my wall organizer hung!

We assembled this little dresser in about five minutes! It's PERFECT for the classroom. Mike wanted to get an IG account, so this was his welcome picture!

We found this little wash table at a local antique store. It's the perfect little side table! 

Curtains-- HERE

Part of my library (mid makeover)

This is the area in the back of my library. I have the reading strategies posters displayed for now. 


The library labels and reading strategies posters are all available right here

Here's another Kirkland's find. I purchased two of these shelves when they were on sale this summer. They are perfect for my  guided reading area!

The local news did a story on this classroom makeover. You can watch it HERE.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Exhaustion at it's finest

So! A little update! As you know, I've been without a full time teaching position for a little over a year. My family moved last fall when my husband was transferred to VA. In the meantime, I've been volunteering, substituting and doing anything to just get out there and be involved in the schools. I've had a couple of *almost* jobs, and then on HALLOWEEN, I got the BEST phone call..job interview! I was so excited. I interviewed that day and was offered the job the next morning! I'm so happy to say that I'm returning soul...FIRST GRADE!!!!

 So since November 1st, I have been running around like crazy!! 

We first had to move everything in..

I'm not sure if my husband was excited about my job...or that the fact that he could actually SEE his boat now ;)

Then, the real work began....

I can't even believe I'm posting this picture! But it shows the working stages of putting together a classroom!! I know you all know  how crazy it can be!!! 

These aren't the best pictures, but here goes my room thus far. I have a few more finishing touches to add..

My Library Book Check Out System. Go check out this FREEBIE

I love A Cupcake For The Teacher's Behavior Chart

I used several of my sweet friend  Erica Bohrer's Resources

This is one of my favorite spaces..and I still have to add to it. I used command hooks to make up my own anchor chart storage area. 

My Library 

So now, I'm off to finish up my lesson plans and print my centers for the month! I'm using so many resources! I will share that with you later in the week!!! Be sure to stop by my little shop, you might find a little sale happening PLUS some freebies I added!!!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Back To The Basics

Well, it's that time of the year....
Back..To.. School!

You are either on cloud nine, or dreading it!! We are never in the middle! 
For me, I am super excited for school to start this year!!

My biggest project this summer was my classroom library! It was a WRECK! I've been organizing my books and bins! I wanted a new label system so I made some cute yellow and crazy ones!! 

I am using the gray chevron and yellow theme! Here are a few pictures:

Name Plates- You can use these as tented name plates or flat ones :)

48 Library Labels plus blank ones for you to customize

48 General Supply Labels
Plus: Subject labels
Days of the Week
Months of the Year
Objective Posters
Alphabet (Uppercase and Lowercase) 

Click  HERE To Check Out The FULL Packet!!

I also just posted my Back-To-The-Basics-Math-and-Literacy-Kit-!!!

This back to school themed math and literacy kit has 8 centers! 
The literacy activities are great for guided reading, differentiated instruction or at home practice! The activities are easy to prepare for and are great anchor stations. 
Sight Word Memory
Sight Word Flash Cards (two sets, one full color, one partial)
Missing Letter Deck Set 1
Missing Letter Deck Set 2

Number Line Fun
Addition Fun- Triangle card game
Subtraction Fun- Triangle card game
Addition and Subtraction Fun- a mixed center activity

Both of these items are on sale for a few days :)

Be sure to check out my Sight Word FREEBIE I posted a few weeks ago!

That's what I'm up to--organizing my library and hoping that I get to move into a classroom soon :)
I know God is in control, and I am turning it all over to him!!

Till Next Time 
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