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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Classroom Makeover Ideas

Hey friends!

I'm not sure if you saw on my FB Page, but this school year, I've returned to a third grade teaching position. I'm super excited about this transition and wanted to share with you my classroom make over!

Classroom Makeover

This is what my room looked like when I walked in. 

Then we had this chair. 

My husband said that in order to paint the room, we had to "prep" the walls. In my mind, I thought just get the rollers out and paint. That was NOT the case. We had remove all of the tape and staples from the wall. Next, we could begin to sand the walls. This was probably the most difficult job.

For the record, I did sand SOME of the walls, but the spouse did MOST of it :) 

Next, we were able to paint the trim of the walls and all of the little groves. I am not sure that's what they are called!

Once we started to use the rollers, the painting went MUCH faster!

 My husband decided he didn't like the brown doors, so we removed them, sanded and painted them. This was such a chore because the doors were so heavy!

I looked at the furniture that was available and decided which pieces I could repurpose. At first glance,  I thought I was going to trash this table. After further investigation, we decided to cover it with contact paper. The biggest tip is that we covered it with two layers to make it more durable.

 He measures everything before he does ANYTHING. It's a great quality to have, I do not have it.

Final product of our table make over

We repainted this book shelf  for my math manipulatives.

Mr. Mike now hangs my bulletin boards for me. This project would not have happened without him!

I found the most darling storage bins from Kirklands on CLEARANCE!

Just when he thought he was finished hanging stuff, I needed my wall organizer hung!

We assembled this little dresser in about five minutes! It's PERFECT for the classroom. Mike wanted to get an IG account, so this was his welcome picture!

We found this little wash table at a local antique store. It's the perfect little side table! 

Curtains-- HERE

Part of my library (mid makeover)

This is the area in the back of my library. I have the reading strategies posters displayed for now. 


The library labels and reading strategies posters are all available right here

Here's another Kirkland's find. I purchased two of these shelves when they were on sale this summer. They are perfect for my  guided reading area!

The local news did a story on this classroom makeover. You can watch it HERE.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Classroom Reveal 2015

Hey friends! I'm a little behind, but I wanted to share my classroom with you! We started school Tuesday, and as you can imagine, I'm so exhausted! So I figured it was a great time to relax as I share my space with you!

This year, I painted my bulletin boards and am so excited how they turned out! I leave my boards blank at the beginning of the year so that we have plenty of space for our learning materials throughout the year. 

View from the door...

This is my math area. I am using Reagan's Free Math Posters. The posters are student friendly and help out with teaching routines at the beginning of the year. 

This is my storage/listening center area. I am using my classroom labels packet. This includes the inspirational quotes.  I found the larger inspirational quotes here

Now on to my classroom library. I have a post coming about how I organize it but here are a few pictures...

I used pulsar pink Astrobrights paper to identify my leveled readers section. I think students should be able to browse books both on their level and by theme that they want to read, so I have both in my library. 

Table view. I am using one bucket as a classroom management tool and providing positive feedback to the tables that are working nicely together. Each time I give them a compliment, or praise, I place a pom pom in the bucket. The other bucket is the table's tidy tub. They shouldn't actually be next to each other..but my new firsties must have moved it (and I was too tired to notice ) HA! 

            I am in LOVE with my 10 drawer cart! It stores all of my math centers!


My writing center area with the neon fan

My bins for my sub tub and writing folders.

I hope to update our classroom pictures half way through the year so you can see how I use these areas for anchor charts. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Get the look here!

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Classroom Setup and FREEBIES :)

Hey Y'all. Sorry it's been a while!! I've been knee deep in back to school fun!!! 
My classroom did not get the "perfect pinterest" set up I was looking for this year. At the end of last school year, I had to pack ALL of my things up. I was only able to move back in two days before teachers officially returned back to work. It made for an interesting week and half...of no cooking, barely eating, no laundry or house cleaning! So we've spent almost *ALL* day today getting our life back in order lol. I couldn't believe how outta control the house was! Not to mention, I have no clue what we've been eating because the fridge was quite bare. I hope I'm not the only teacher out there that the first week of school really takes a toll on!!! 

Like I said, not Pinterest worthy but it's functional!!

We have a "Meet and Greet" before school starts and then "Open House" two weeks after school starts. I made these little Printable Signs and placed them in spray painted frames from the Dollar Tree.  Click the picture to download your free copy! 

View from the back

I purchased the chevron bins from the Dollar Tree this summer. I wish I would have purchased more. When I bought them, I wasn't sure how I would use them so I only got a few. 

I used my Chevron Library Labels to sort out my library.  My library is organized by theme. This is where all of my extra money goes!! My husband hunts, I'm a book hoarder :) 

This is my small group area. I left most of my bulletin boards blank this year. Last year, I ran out of room for anchor charts. This year, my goal is to  have MORE anchor charts  AND they will ALL be student created :) I plan to post about this later in the year :) 

My favorite little spot in my classroom. My rock that says "I will Take Care Of You-God", My Gift from my kiddos, and my daddy. What more could a girl ask for?

On our first day back,  our admin sent us on a little scavenger hunt. Such a blast. I was picked for "energetic". Naaah..not me ;)

Throughout my room, you will see these homemade banners I made. I used Teacher Created Resources Chevron Funtastic Letters on triangle colored paper. They turned out great and it was super cheap!!

That's the end of week one. Even though it was a short week, it felt like it was the longest one ever! Hopefully, next week will breeze by ;) Wishful thinking haha :)

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