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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Staple Centers Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about "Staple" Literacy Centers. These are centers that I can pull out throughout the year and use. I also use these centers in my "I'm Finished Bin". When a student is finished with their work, they can get a station to work at their seat quietly. I really love this idea, especially for math. I always a have a few that I have to really keep challenging them!

One of my FAVORITE "Staple" packets is from Anna Brantley's Fun-in-the-Sun-Math-and-Literacy-Center-Packet. I love this packet because it includes both Short and Long Vowels, Time AND Money, and the sentence scrambles are amazing! I love packets that include a variety of popular skills, because I can use them for so many things! She has TONS of great products, but this my favorite!

Another great one from the none other than Cara Carroll is her Ready-Set-Learn-Back-To-School-Math-Literacy-Activities packet! This one is great because it focuses on skills that are often assumed.  Sometimes teachers "skip" basic steps, and before you know it, students get to third grade and can't spell the word "twelve"! This packet is great for basic skills that sometimes we assume kids know, when in actuality they do not :) Go check it :)

Another great "staple" packet is my Parts-of-Speech-Mini-Packet. This packet includes 4 literacy centers, 6 printables, and 6 mini anchor charts!

 is great for those moments when you just have a few minutes here or there. "Sponge" Moments is what my principal calls them! I love these cards for that purpose. They are great on rings, and can be pulled out at any time!!

Be sure to head over and check em' out right HERE

Stay tuned this week, I am linking up with some of my  favorite bloggy friends for a great surprise! 

Till Next Time :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Best of TpT

I am telling you what, I do not know what I EVER did before TpT! Not only do I make BETTER things for my classroom, I can find just about anything I need for either free or pretty cheap. I would so much rather buy a literacy center on TpT, then buy a make and take book for $25.00, get one or two years out of it, then  the games are destroyed. With the digital storage, if a piece gets lost or a game gets torn up...guess what?? You just print it again!

My big project now since I just moved, is that I am going through all of my literacy centers. Any of them that are missing pieces, or old, or just ineffective, I am trashing. I need to make sure all of my stuff is complete and the BEST.

So that's why I am going this post, because I am trying to find THE BEST products in TpT. I have added somethings to my cart, and wanted to share with you a few of the best sellers from my Top Teacher friends :)

I've categorized everything so that it makes it easier to find :)


My first product is from Reagan Tunstall...I LOVE this packet! 





Reading Comprehension



Making Words


CVC Words





Sight Words

Themed Literacy Packets



Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blog & TpT Surfin for MATH Freebies!

I had such a great reaction to my Blog Surfin for Literacy Stations....I thought I would do one for MATH :) These resources are from some of the BEST bloggers and TpT sellers out there!!!

Addition ~ Apple-Double-Facts-Addition , more-two-digit-addition-freebies-for.html , Tap-Lights-Facts-to-20 ,Par-3-Adding-3-Addends , Go-Surf-Addition-Facts

Subtraction~ Fishing-for-Subtraction-A-Write-the-Room-Freebie , March-Mathness

Numbers~ Monkey-Madness-Trace-Stamp-Write-numbers , Gearin-Up-with-Number-Grids , summer-olympics-superheroes-and-math.html , TrueFa​lse-Equation-Sorting-FREEB​IE , ​I-Have-Who-Has-Numbers-0-30 , Estimation-Jar-A-Lesson-in-​a-Jar

Problem Solving~​FREE-Monster-Problem-Solvin​g-Math-Center,

Time~ Its-Spring-Time-A-Telling-Time-Write-the-Room-Freebie , Just-in-Time-A-Telling-Time-Game , Elapsed-Time-Fairy-Tale-Sto​ry-Project

Money~ Money-Center-Grocery-Shopping , Money Word Wall Freebie , I-Have-Who-Has-Money-FREEBIE-Pennies-and-Nickels

Place Value~ ​Place-Value-Fish-A-Kinesthe​tic-Write-the-Room-Activit​y , Summertime-Math-Work-Stations-FREE-Place-Value-Bingo , Jacks-Magic-Beans-Scoop-Sort-Place-Value-Center ,

Skip Counting~Life in First Grade Skip Counting , Skip-Counting-2s-5s-and-10s ,Leap-Day-A-Skip-Counting-Game

Fractions~ FREE-Go-Darth-Equivalent-Fractions-Go-Fish-Card-Game , Mama-Mias-Pizza-beginning-fractions-FREEBIE , ​Spring-fraction-matching-ca​rds-FREEBIE , ​Bingo-Fractions-and-Decimal​s

Graphing~ Hollys-Garden-Graph-Common-​Core-Standards-Grade-2 , ​FREE-I-Can-Sort-and-Graph

Greater Than, Less Than~ ​Fun-Frog-Math-Greater-ThanL​ess-Than , Shark-Attack-Greater-Than-Less-Than-Freebie

Multiplication/Division~ Division-Center-Activity , Multiplication-Tic-Tac-Toe-Freebie

Sorting~ Math-Sorting-Math-Kinder

Shapes~ Squares-circles-and-triangl​es

Center PACKETS~ Lemonade Math Centers , freebie-alert-from-fun-to-teach.html

Holiday Themed Math Stations~ Groundhog-Day-Math-Word-Pro​blems , Fun-Chinese-New-Year-Math-A​ddition-and-Subtraction-Wo​rd-Problems , Valentines Day Math Word Problems - LMN Tree -

UPPER GRADES~​Finding-the-Fun-in-Teaching​-Circumference

Wonderful PRICED Products~~~Back-to-School-Math-Journal ~ From the FAB Anna Brantley





Book--Normally $24.99 Full-Color-Math-Games

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blog Surfin for FREE Literacy Centers

Every summer I try and spend some time creating, buying and hunting for new literacy centers! I have found some ammmmmmazing centers out on the net and thought I'd share. I went through tons of blog archives on a mission...and here is what I found :) I found these mostly from blogs, but I linked directly to the TpT or file so that you didn't have to dig to find them!! Hope you can find something useful! I know I did!!!

I Love 2 Teach did a great post last year on using standard literacy centers. I like to use thematic ones, but sometimes it's also nice to have centers that the students are familiar with. I Love 2 Teach does a great job with this center! She created centers that can be used with any store. This is a great staple to any guided reading routine! Be sure to check it out at RIGHT HERE!
She did a Making Words, Spelling, Dictionary Dig, Poetry, Partner Reading,  Read and Respond, Comic Strip Story and Listen and Read Centers. These are great! They can be used for 2nd & 3rd grades :)

Here are some great literacy centers:

Sight Words: 1st-Grade-Sight-Words-Dont-Get-Skunked ; Trace-Write-Glue-Sight-Word-Center ; Monster-Oops ; Staring-Sight-Words ; First-Grade-Sour-Lemonade-Sight-Words-Game ;

Word Work: Word-Work-Activities ; Mrs. I's Word Work ; Preview-of-Hi-Frequency-and-Phonics-for-Spring ; Caterpillar-Families ; The-uck-Family-Spelling-Word-Work-Lists-Tests

Vowels : Long-O-Rock-Stars ;We-Dig-Vowel-Sounds ; Flipping-Over-Vowels-FreebieSilent-E-Word-Activity; Buzzzzing-Vowel-Sort ; Silent E Freebie from Cara Carroll

Blends: consonant-blends-chart-printable.html ;

Antonyms: Wild-About-Antonyms-Center-and-Independent-Practice ; Busy-For-Antonyms-Literacy-Center

Synonyms: Synonym-Roll-Match ; Floating-Synonyms ; Synonym-Toast-Crunch

Contractions: Contraction-Action-Contraction-Games-;Cupcake-Contractions

Nouns: back-to-school-fun-and-literacy-center.html ; Freebies for nouns

Sentences: Dog-Gone-Good-Sentences ; Beach-Time-Sentence-Scramble-Freebie ; Out-of-This-World-Cloze-Sen​tence-Practice-with-Sight-​Words

Writing: Writing Centers by HoJo ; Reading-Writing-Task-Cards

ABC Order: ABC-Order-to-the-2nd-Letter-FREEBIE; ABC-Order-Aloha-Theme ; ABC-Order-with-Penguins

Labels for Centers: Literacy-Workstation-Labels

Themed Centers: Plant Center Freebies ; Back To School Words-that-Describe-Me-Free

Printable Books: Teaching With Love and Laughter

Fluency: Fluency-Folder ; Fluency-Check-Center ; Fluency-Phrase-Spin-A-Differentiated-Fluency-Activity ; Froggy-Fluency-Anchor-Chart

Odds and Ends: digital-frame-center-freebi​e.html

Also, the amazing Laura Candler is doing a FREE Webinar! She is providing free certificates for attending the lesson! This is a great resource! Be sure to check it out HERE!

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