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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Work It Wednesday

Yay! Summer is here, and you know what that means! Shorts, and bathing suits! Time to slim down! I'm thankful for Katie King for hosting this linky party! 
I'd love to start this post saying that I've always been a gym rat and in the best shape of my life. That's just not true. 

I struggle just like everyone else..ever heard of the term STRESS EATER? That's me. When things get rough, I get my large milkshake from Sonic with some mozzerella sticks. Yeah, I'm THAT girl. About two and half years ago, I thought, I am just not taking care of myself. I watched cancer destroy my father and thought WHAT AM I PUTTING IN MY BODY? Is it HELPING, FUELING or BUILDING anything? The only thing the food I was putting my mouth was building, was fat. That's it! So we jumped on the eating clean bandwagon in our house. For the most part, we've stayed on it. I fell off a few times, with experiencing multiple deaths in the family in a short time, and just stress of life. 

My first change was drinking ONLY water or my little mixture I like. I loved soda, I was a huge Dr. Pepper drinker! That was the FIRST change to go!  This mixture helps me if I get bored with water. It's 75% water, 20% DIET Cranberry Juice, and a splash of lemon juice or a few slices of lemons. I love this drink and it's healthy! Hydration is so important because it helps you cleanse the body. I have also used  another gentle cleanse to help jump start my weightless! This was so easy to do and you could still function while doing it! That's a WIN WIN! 

For step 3, find a protein shake that you love! For me, it's this chocolate one! I LOVE chocolate, so it's perfect. I just it for breakfast or the I need a milkshake time frame that life sometimes throws at me! A few months ago, my sweet friend, Katie King, introduced me to Advocare. It was just what I needed to get back on track. I've lost 12 lbs since she introduced me to it and am happy to keep going.  

Would you like to try these shakes? Click here to check them out! They are SO yummy AND affordable! 

I think another important step is to find a buddy to go with you. It's so much easier when you have someone that motivates you. I have a few different buddies, but in this picture, you will see my silly husband! I also use Instagram to talk to my virtual gym buddies haha!!

I also started a heavy workout routine. I'm doing something different right now. I'm SO a weight girl. I LOVE lifting weights, and HEAVY weights. Right now my workouts consist of different cardio workouts. I'm doing this routing for two-three weeks, then I'll pick my weights back up. I'm just trying something different. I've found, it's good to shake up your work outs different. Plus, I just recently recovered from an illness and doctor said no weights for three weeks! Grr! 

No matter WHAT you do, do SOMETHING. Everyone starts somewhere. I first started by walking around my neighborhood in the evenings. I still love to do this! It's a fun way to get outside and get MOVING! It's a balance, a journey, a fight, and I'm determined to win it! My number one question I ask myself before I put anything in my mouth is "How is this going to HELP my body?".  Do you have any favorite questions or tips to help you stay on track? I'd love to hear them

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's Talk About ME Monday

Hey everyone! I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin for Let's Talk About Me Monday! I'm not sure if I can come up with 10 things about myself...but I will try!!

10 Things About Me:

1) I got married at the young age of 20 years old to the hotttest sailor in  the entire US Navy! We met when I was just 19 years old!! We've now been married for 8 1/2 years!  He really is an amazing man. He loves me for me and handles my  *sorta* dramatic self! Poor thing even watches my ever so addicting Young and The Restless...guess that could have been a different number! LOL!

Yessss that is a Texas Flag Vest :) That's a whole other Oprah Show..but it turned out nice :) He stuck true to his Texas roots :) 

2) I am *kinda* a gym rat!  Last October, I started on my fitness journey! I was overweight and so unhappy about myself! I *had* to do something!!! So, now you can find me in the gym 6 days a week. I love doing a cross fit type work out. but do not limit myself to just that. The other day, I was outside pushing sleds. There was a tire in the way, and without paying attention, I just went over and picked it up. Well, it happened to be the heaviest tire out there, that I've never flipped before. I got under it and realized uhhhh ohhh  you goof ball! You can't flip this tire! Just then, I notice three dudes starring at me like "This chick will never flip that tire"....somewhere I got the motivation and wouldn't ya know I flipped that huge thing! When I was done, the dude looked at me and said "I never thought you would even get that tire passed your knees, let alone flip it"! Ha! I guess I proved myself! 
You can read more about my journey on my Fitness Blog

3) I'm a country music nutso! I ****LOVE**** My music! More than that, I love LIVE Music! Concerts are my thing! I'm tellin' ya..everyone needs a little GEORGE Strait in their lives!! 

4) We move around a lot because of the Navy, and that sometimes is not that fun. I really, really miss my family! I grew up in central Florida, and most of my family is there. Some of them reside in the Mountains in NC, so when we all get's tons of fun! We don't get to do that often, but when we out ;) 

LOVE These people :) They make me smile, laugh, cry and angry sometimes :) But we are FAMILY and NOTHING will ever change that! 

5) I want to go on a missions trip so BAD! My grandfather often goes on mission trips...and always has the most rewarding stories to tell. I SO want to go! That's my goal in the next year, to go on a trip. I want to tell people about Jesus, and what he's done in my  life. 

6) Brings me to my next faith.  One day..probably soon..I develop the courage to share with you all my testimony. It's pretty powerful. It goes back to a time when I was so lost. So hurt and so confused. You can read a little bit about that here! Our God is a merciful. Just in the last few months, I  have witness God working in ways that I never thought he would. I've witnessed an event that really hit me hard with God's Word . It woke me up....which brings me to #7...

7) This sweet girl...

This is a friend of mine, Ashley. She passed away in June, during our Sunday School class. I only knew her for a short time, but I'm telling you, the impact she had on our lives, will live with me FOREVER.  She was the example of living with grace. She used every opportunity she could to tell someone about Jesus. And this is my new mission, I want to #livelikeAshley and #lovejesus. If you are the praying type, say a prayer for her sweet family. 

8) Teaching is my passion. Since we've moved, I haven't found a full time position. I know God is in control..but I'm ready. Be thankful for your jobs, they are hard to come by. People ask me "What are you going to do if you don't get a position"...I just answer..what else? Volunteer, Sub, whatever I can do to get into the schools. It doesn't pay the bills by no means, but I don't know anything else. Teaching is all I've ever wanted to do.....
9) Since I was a little kid. I've been fortunate to experience amazing teachers in my life. They should me compassion, went above and beyond, and did it all for me. Not because their boss told them to, but because they CARED. 

10) I am a very blessed woman. To sum it up, I don't have a fancy car or an over the top house. But my house is filled with love, laughter, and caring people. We have fun...we are active...we enjoy each other. So many people in this country are suffering, so I am so very thankful for everything I have. I want to live a legacy, I want to help people. 

I hope I didn't bore you with all these details of my life..but that's a nutshell :)

OH...and Congrats to...
AMY! Check your e-mail! You won the giveaway! 

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

Hey Hey Hey! I'm linking up today with the sweet Cara from The First Grade Parade For 
Favorite Pins Friday!

Favorite Teaching Pins!

I love this great idea for storage from Jazzie and Tahli! What an easy way to store your games and other 
card items! I love it!! It inspires me to do more with baby wipe containers :) I'm currently collecting them and grabbing washi tape to put something together! Can't wait for that!

I'm also lovin' some of the other's bloggers Christmas in July posts that have been going on!! This one from my sweet friend Katie from Queen of the First Grade Jungle is great! Check it out here

I love LOVE LOVE this idea from Jen at The Teacher's Cauldron! This is a great idea for Daily Math Journals! You could use these for years to come! 

Favorite Fitness Pins

Y'all know last fall I had a realization. That I needed to change my life! So I began this journey to become healthy, fit and let's be real...SKINNY :) I am so in love with this decision! Today, I am going two piece shopping for the first time in...ages! Some of the things that help me stay on track are: My Fitness Blog, my husband and family, wonderful friends that workout with me and eat right, and of course Pinterest! I love finding fitness/health pins! Here are some of my favorite! 

My Former AP used to tell me this ALL The time...about everything! So Yes, of Course, deep down, I want to be skinny, but this is about so much more than that! I want to be STRONG, FIT, HEALTHY, and most of all a GOOD EXAMPLE for my little ones! 

Amazing Leg Work Out
Great leg workouts and there are different levels depending on where you are at physically!!

I love this website! It gives loads of low calorie on the go foods! Check it out HERE

This is SO great :)

One of the 

reasons I started this journey is after reading  my good friend Erica's post from Erica Bohrer's Teaching Resources. She is super  sweet and such a positive influence!! I read this post when she first piut it out and that's when I started TPTing then I  came across it again one day on pinteres!t I decided then and there  I was getting back in shape! 

Well that's all for today! Sorry this is so short today but we are gearing up for our vaca and I still have TONS to do!!

Till Next Time!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Fitness Blog

post signature Hey Everyone! I just wanted to share with you a new collaborative fitness blog I am  working on with some other fantastic teacher bloggers! Hop on over and show us some love...prettttty please!!You can check it out here- The Lives Of Fit Teachers. And our follow our Pinterest Board HERE!

Thanks Everyone! 

Till Next Time!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Linking up with Love

post signature Hey y'all! I'm linking up with my sweet friend Tessa, from Tales Outside The Classroom!  
She's hosting this linky party so I just HAD to join in! 

*People* I'm in LOVE with!

Of course-- My husband! My husband is my rock! I just love him to death. He's loving, caring, funny and best of all, the best husband and father I could have ever wished for! 

Yes, that is a TEXAS Flag vest...can we say PROUD TEXAN???? ;)

My kiddos are so amazing! I love them so much! They are so energetic and keep me going ALL the time! Life never stops with boys in the house!!!

*Products* That I Love! 

Humm--that one is EASY! 
I love this water bottle that I got as a Christmas gift! I use it EVERYDAY!!

Of course-- Y'all know how much I love my country music! I found this gem in my CD collection the other day--I've been blaring it in the radio EVERY since!! haha! Who can resist KING GEORGE?!?!

Here is my latest freebie FREE-Addition-Math-Center That I just uploaded to TpT! 

I use it as a math center when my students are finished with their work. I simply printed on card stock, laminated, and secured with binder rings. Then, I store in a ziploc bag with dry erase markers and dice! My kiddos love this! 

My I Can Make Words  is getting great feedback from teachers of various grades! I love that you can differentiate it so easily! This packet includes 10 printables for making words. Students cut letters out and arrange them together to make words. 

*Places* I'm in LOVE WITH!

I'm  so totally in love with the...GYM! I know it sounds crazy, but every since I started my fitness journey, I have just really enjoyed getting the stress out with exercise! My favorite exercise has to be squats! I love them! More than that, I LOVE the results from killing it with squats!!!!

I am also really enjoying the dead lift--but don't tell my trainer! Haha! I might whine a tad when we have to do them! But all and all, exercise in general really excites me! My husband just started working out this week..He's went like three times and I've already had to run him outta the vitamin stores! I'm like baby steps hun, baby steps ;) He would buy every protein supplement if I would allow it! I'm like let's see how long it *last* before you go spend a bunch of money on something---does this sound familiar to anyone else ;) 
 I just can't wait to get to the place where I can really just start maintaining my weight and not having to diet as serious. That part, is NOT fun! 

Thanks Again Tessa for hosting this great linky party!

Till Next Time!

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions: Fitness

Whew! The holidays are such a busy time for everyone! My family was here the for the week of Christmas and we had such a nice visit. It's always hard living away from family, so it's really nice that they take the time to come and visit us!!

My kids got *guinea pigs* for Christmas! Dad is pretty thrilled about them, while Mom is still getting used to them! ;) The kiddos sure do love them though!!!

It's that time of year again! The time of year  that we make all sorts of goals, and try to keep them through out the year!  After reading about some other great bloggers and their fitness journeys, I really wanted to try it out.  Erica Bohrer has a great post on working out and her fitness journey. That is what inspired me to get started. So back in October, when my hubby was deployed, I started working out again. I typically do this every deployment. Gives me something to focus  on. In the past, I would just do cardio, and I would see results. This time, that wasn't cutting the mustard! When I signed up, the gym offered  a few free personal training sessions. Going into it, I knew, if the trainer was not able to handle my personality...I would never stick to it! I've heard all of these horror stories about having personal trainers who do not know their stuff, so I was verrrrrry nervous!!!  I got so lucky to find a great trainer who keeps me in check. The best part about this, is that my trainer is a Christian, so in  between lifts and squats, we are usually talking about random scriptures or bible stories.  So I am now about 10 weeks into this, and am seeing results! I have to admit, I was expecting the weight to just "melt" off....and when that didn't happen, I would get extremely frustrated! The crazy thing is that I would see a difference in my clothes before I would ever see the number on the scale go down. I typically lose about a pound a week, and at first,  this was driving me crazy! But, once I saw how fast I was losing pant sizes, I decided to *finally* listen to what my trainer was telling me. Because of the type of exercise we are doing, I am gaining muscle. Even though I've heard this a million times from so many people, when you are working so hard to acheive something, and don't feel like you are getting results, it's only natural to get frustrated. So here's where I'm at 10 weeks in:

*Down 7.5% of body fat
*Down 3 jeans sizes
*Down  just about 10 lbs.

AND I didn't gain any weight over Christmas! So I am super excited! So for my New Year's Resolution, I want to continue my fitness journey!

Here is my progess in pictures:

Here are a few  eating tips that I try to remember EACH day!!!

One of my high school teacher's used to tell us "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips"!! This is something I try and remember EVERY day!!!!

I drink a TON of water a day! I drink at least a gallon a day, sometimes close to a gallon and a half.

My *biggest* struggle is FOR SURE  avoiding the SODA! I am a HUGE Dr. Pepper fan! So far, I've been 5.5 weeks free and clear :)

I limit my eating out as much as posisble. Even though most resturants offer low calorie options, the sodium is usually pretty high. So I try very hard to avoid eating out.  I always have healthy snacks with my while I'm on the go.

A few of my favorite healthy snacks:
*100 calorie packs of Almonds
*Greek Yogurt

I don't know about y'all, but the texture of Greek Yogurt drives me insane! I can't eat it right with a spoon. So I make a easy smoothie that's about 275 calories!

Another big difference, is switching all breads and flours to WHOLE GRAINS. Everything in our house is now whole grains!
My husband still eats whatever he wants, so often I find myself cooking two meals. I know for most of us, this is difficult. But for us, it works. Most of my meals, I make ahead of time so that I'm prepared and don't binge eat.

When my family starts to eat junk, I go on Pinterest and pin healthy things :) It keeps my mind off of the JUNK!! You can follow my Pinterest boards HERE!
I work out 6 days a week. I do three pure cardio days. The other 3 days are a mixture of cardio and strength training. You know what my favorite day is? My heavy strength day! I NEVER thought I would enjoy lifting so much...but it's so much fun. For me, it's about looking at something and thinking "I could never do that" and then seeing myself accomplish it!!! I have a few videos, but I'm too shy to post them, maybe I'll work up the courage later ;)
So what is your current fitness routine? Or what do you is your new fitness plan? Having a plan makes it so much easier to stick to it!!!
Be sure to head on over to
Mrs Wills Kindergarten! She has a few ways to add fitness  into your classroom! I love her ideas!

One of my favorite new items that I JUST got is my heart monitor!!! I love the Polar FT4! Of course, I *HAD* to have it in pink ;) I love it because it tracks your heart rate, calories burned, and the time of your training. Once you are finished training, it gives specific details of your training session. For example, if you worked out for 1 hour, it will tell you how long of that 1 hour, your heart rate was "in zone". Here is the one that I have--

In honor of New Year's, I'm throwing a Sale at my TpT Store!
Now is a great time to stock up onWinter-Literacy-Center-Packet-8-Centers

Till Next Time

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