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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bright Ideas Printing Tips

Hey friends! I'm linking up with the Bright Ideas Blog Hop!

One thing I *love* about blogging is that we all have different ideas and ways to do things, blogs make it so easy to use collaboration! Some of my best friends exist in the virtual world! I can find an idea about how to do just about anything in blog land! Right now, I'm on this economic kick. I realize HOW much money I spend on school and I'm trying to cut back a tad. 

I don't know about your school, but at my new school, colored ink is like liquid gold! I was 
so blessed in TX to pretty much have all the ink I wanted! Now, I do not get it at all~~!!! 
So I tried a few things today to help out with my ink issue. I guess I didn't realize how lucky I was and became kinda of *ink spoiled*!!! 

So here are a few things I tried...

First..I am scaling down my cover pages. I am printing them at 60% instead of 100%. To do this, just go to settings, and print options, click on "Scale"...change it from 100% to whatever percent you wish.

 The page is printed at a smaller scale. Since it's just the cover page that's mainly used for storing the game, it's not that big of a difference. I do this with ALL of my cover pages!

Pretty easy right? 
Another option is I print in black and white on bright, colored paper!  This still makes the activity colorful without using tons of ink. In my classroom, I do not do one more than the other. Meaning I have a balance of B & W on colored paper  and colored games and activities. It helps keep the kids from getting bored with one format :) 

Thanks for stopping by on this Bright Idea Blog Hop! I'd love it if you joined me over at TpT and Facebook!!

For more  Bright Ideas, browse through over 100 different bloggers!!! 

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Breezing Through Back To School

Hey friends! My blogging friends and I have put together a little Back To School Blog Hop for you!  I know you enjoyed what Kristen from A Day In First Grade had to share!!!

Last year, I really focused on getting myself organized. Organization is one of the HARDEST parts of teaching, but with the right tools, it's so much easier. We have to keep a data binder, so these inserts made my  life SO much easier!! I have to stay on top of my to do list and use my time very wisely. 
In order to make the most of my time, I try to work during lunch four out of five days a week. I take one day to enjoy lunch in the lounge or with a friend. This way, I am able to get somethings accomplished and not go crazy at the same time :) One thing that I do during my "working lunches", is I always play music softly. It helps me not feel so alone or like I'm never getting a break. I do simple but necessary tasks. I do not try to run around like my head is cut off. I'm either grading papers, sorting things or looking for lesson ideas for the next planning cycle. 
Data collection is the new driving force in education. The trick is to keep adequate data on each student without losing our minds :) I use my  Classroom Forms Binder for several things. It makes things so much easier!! I've separated my lesson plans, class roles, parent contact documentation, important IEP Information and data collection. These are key elements to my day and I have to know exactly where they are!  This way if I need to jot something down real quick, I just go to my binder, not some random sticky note that I *will* lose! I used to be the WORST at that! By having a documentation system, I'm eliminating the waste of paper and creating an environment that I can always find what I need when I need it!! 

This form is something I use during guided reading . I jot down little observations of each student as I can. It seems like a lot, but it's so much easier to write it as you are observing than to go back to it. I try to document on Tuesdays and the perfect world  :) This form is separate from my running records. If we are doing a sight word activity and little Tommy has trouble with a word, I just write that word down with the date. I keep an eye on it and when he masters it, I can record the progress. This is a LIFE SAVER come parent conference time. It shows your parents that you look at each student individually and you really know and understand where each student is. 

You can check out this binder right HERE!!!

Another form I included in my binder packet is my parent communication forms. . I wanted to have documentation that my parents saw their child's grades! I use these little forms for assessments at the end of a skill. I've created several versions of this form to fit your needs. The one pictured is sorted by SOL. These are the standards we use here in VA. I have blank templates included for those of you in other states. The best part about this, is that it doesn't take up much space. I just have one bin that I keep them in. In the beginning of the year, I teach my kiddos to take these out  as well as their homework folders and put them in the bin each time they go home.  (I will show pictures once my room is set up)  If you've already purchased Classroom-Forms-and-Binder-Mega-Packet-, just visit my purchases to receive the update!

Another organization tip, is each planning day I add a new paper file to translate into binders or digital storage. I'm doing this to eventually get rid of my filing cabinet. I've arranged my binders by themes or seasons. This is so helpful because I can nicely store my binders on a shelf and the filing cabinet is no longer a dumping ground!! 

Thanks for stopping by! I just recently added a little Guided Reading FREEBIE! These little readers will make great take home books!!! Another great freebie that I found from the wonderful Jen from Teacher By The Beach is this little First Day Activities!!! 

Head on over to the ever so cute Mrs. Stanford

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Book Activities Blog Hop

Hey Friends! I got together with some of my sweet blogging friends to host a little Fall
Blog Hop!

We wanted to bring you suggestions for read alouds and activities to do for fall!!!

One of my favorite books for fall is "Paddlefoot Pumpernickel's Pumpkin" by Lucainne DeLong. 

This book is such a great story for firsties! The story is about a boy who is trying to find the biggest, best, most amazing pumpkin ever....and all he really needs is something that's a little different. I love this book because it reminds me of life sometimes! I think even as *adults* we get that mentality that we need the "biggest, best and most amazing things ever"...but do we really? Can't we just be our amazing, unique selves and have that be okay? That's the moral of this story and I LOVE expressing that to kids! It's okay to be different and be your own person.

I will  admit, I'm a tad bit sad! I had a TON of pictures of a craft I did with this story and I can't find them at all! Basically, I made a pumpkin template, and gave the kids all sorts of different supplies. The kids were allowed to decorate and make the pumpkin however they didn't have to be any certain color. So to make up for my lack of pictures, I made this little printable for you!

A few of my favorite fall read alouds:
*There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!
*Halloween Mice!
*The Berenstein Bears and the Prize Pumpkin
*Clifford's First Halloween
*Flat Stanley and The Haunted House
*Leaf Man

Hop on over to my friend's blog to check out all the other great posts! 

Speaking of Fall, I just posted my Fall-Literacy-Centers-for-Big-Kids-8-Centers

It's geared towards the intermediate grades, since that's the area I am currently working in!! 

Till next time :) 

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Teacher's Notebook Blog Hop Giveaway!

Easter is right around the corner so some of my blog buddies and I decided to do a blog hop.  Hop from blog to blog March 15th - 17th to get your freebie and enter to win a basket full of lesson packets plus a gift certificate.  Enter to win on each blog so you'll have a greater chance of winning.  Each blogger is donating a lesson packet for the prize basket.  Each of us will choose a winner.  The winners will get ALL the lesson packets from ALL the bloggers.  Steve, the owner of Teachers Notebook has also generously donated our grand prize which is a Teachers Notebook gift certificate.  One lucky person will win it. The more blogs you visit and enter, the greater your chances are that you will win.  So HOP TO IT!

Click HERE to get your freebie! 

To enter you need to follow my Teacher's Notebook Store and my FB Page
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now that you've entered it's time to hop to my friends' blogs to see their great prizes and freebies.  Remember the more blogs you visit and enter on their rafflecopter, the greater your chances are of winning.

Michelle @" target="_blank">Teach123
Yvonne @" target="_blank">Mixminder
Fern @" target="_blank">Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Arlene @" target="_blank">LMN Tree
Jennifer @" target="_blank">Best Practices 4 Teaching
Tessa @" target="_blank">Tales From Outside the Classroom
Heidi @" target="_blank">My (Not So) Elementary Life
Tessa @" target="_blank">Tales From Outside the Classroom
Alisha @" target="_blank">The Bubbly Blonde" target="_blank"> Teacher
Sally @" target="_blank">Elementary Matters
Tanja @" target="_blank">Journey of a Substitute Teacher
DeAnne @" target="_blank">First Grade and Fabulous
Jessica @" target="_blank">Mrs. Stanford's Class
Ashley @" target="_blank">The Teacher's Treasure Chest
Gladys @" target="_blank">Teaching in High Heels

The winner will be announced on our Facebook pages on Monday, March 18th.  

If you are reading this post through feed or email, click 

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Back To School Blog Hop at The Teacher's Treasure Chest

Hello Friends!!!
I am linking up with Mrs. Bainbridge's Class for a Back To School Blog Hop!!

This is a busy time of the year! Don't re-invent the wheel! TpT has so many GREAT products out there! One of mine that I think is a MUST have for BTS is ABC-Order-Sight-Word-Literacy-Centers. These centers can be used all year and with ANY theme. I switch out my centers often, but I like to have a few basic skill centers that I can pull no matter what theme or skill I am doing. ABC Order is a skill that students should work on ALL year :) With the BTS Sale, you can get this product at almost 30% off!!!

Be sure to visit for the BIG Back to School Sale at My TpT Store !!

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