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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Number Sense Activities

Hey friends! I wanted to take a moment to catch up what my firsts have been up to! Our curriculum is big on spiral review. We touch on number sense at the beginning of the year but really dive deep in Jan/Feb. Our math benchmark test ALWAYS hits on number sense, so I feel like my kids are ALWAYS doing number sense activities! 
Number sense

We started working on Place Value right away. This is a skill we will continue to work on the rest of the school year. The kids loved making these little books
math foldables

These little books are perfect for homework or center work! After I taught the kiddos how to use them, they were able to complete them independently! 

guided math

The Place Value books focus on expanded form, word form and recognizing numerals. Once we made a one together, my first graders were able to do these for morning work or during guided math.
This activity for a whole group lesson or a review! 

How Does Guided Math Look in My Classroom?

We typically do a whole group lesson on Monday with Guided Math the rest of the week. Our whole group lesson is based on the target skill that we are learning about. I use our pacing guide to determine which skill that is. I introduce the skill with a math read aloud. Then, our class creates an anchor chart over the skill. Sometimes I pre make the bones of the anchor chart but I make sure to fill in the meat of the skill with the students. This helps to reinforce the skill in their minds. They remember creating the anchor chart and will remember to look at it more often if they were apart of creating it. My favorite anchor chart to create with the students are the ones for telling time.

Using Math Centers During Guided Math

 I have four tables. Instead of the kiddos rotating, the baskets rotate. I pick a helper at the beginning of every two week period. The helpers are responsible for overlooking the baskets to make sure everything is in it's place. Then, the helpers rotate the baskets upon my command. This runs like a well oiled machine. The kids know EXACTLY what to do. I usually do two centers as the target skill of the week and two centers that are spiral review. That way the students are consistently practicing previous taught standards or skills.
The centers are a great way to prepare for our end of the year assessment because they cover skills taught all year long!

The students work with each math tub for 15-20 minutes a day..depending on my schedule that day. I plan all of my centers out for the week using my Guided Math Binder

I try to include as many hands on things as I can. However, sometimes, real world sets in. I use math word searches to minimize prep work. I use these as printable. I've also ran a set that is laminated and the kids use as wipe on/off mats. For differentiation, some students will use each word in a meaningful sentence. This can be challenging, but I encourage my students to try to demonstrate that they understand the meaning of each word.

This is how my math tubs look prior to rotating.  This is counting center where students have to correctly count the number of objects on the task card.

One of my kids favorite activities is Skip Counting Puzzles! I love using these puzzles because I can differentiate it really easily! All students appear to be doing the same activity, but I specifically plan out which students are doing which puzzles.
If you wanted to give printable skip counting puzzles a try, I thought you could try this freebie!

Just click HERE to get your FREEBIE!

The centers shown come from my  Number Sense BUNDLE! This bundle includes SO many activities to help get your kiddos ready for benchmarks or number sense assessments! I use these centers all throughout the year as a spiral review. It's great because they are low prep and  engaging! my students really enjoy these centers!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Quick and Easy Math Centers

I don't know about y'all but this time of year is so crazy! I am spending this week pretty much re-teaching skills from the last six weeks! 

I've talked before about my guided math routine. I need to do another post on that as a first grade teacher! Maybe during the break! The reason I LOVE guided math is because the instruction is tailored to each and every student. It is a lot of prep work, but I use several staple centers that are easily differentiated. For example, I use my Number-Order-and-Skip-Counting-Fun- as a staple center. I printed the pages on bright cardstock and laminated them. Some charts only go from 1-50, some 1-100. I also have different variations of skip counting so that my higher students can go above and beyond what our grade level expectations are and my lower students can practice in the areas they struggle with. 

This packet makes several very quick and practical math centers! 

You can check it out HERE

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

A look back at my week, and a look ahead!

Hey Everyone! I'm linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for a Peek At My Week! 

 So for the first time in a LONG time, I've been back in the classroom as a *paid* employee! I've been volunteering since we've moved, and finally got everything settled to substitute! Up until now, I kinda had that thought slip into my head...if not teaching.... "What else could I do?" Well, this week those thoughts were put to rest. There is nothing else for me except education! My first week back, was pretty amazing. I was blessed to spend it right where my heart is---Primary Grades! What a blessing it was to have the roles reversed to substitute teaching. This is so different than I ever thought! A great experience for me and I'm excited to share my experiences with you all :) 

The kiddos were getting into fractions in math. I was so excited to be able to plan things out. I started with my sweet friend Jen @ The Teacher's Cauldron. Her Fraction Packet is ammmazing. The kiddos really benefited from all of the hands on activities included in this packet. I even brought it home and did a little extra practice with my little man. He loved the fraction action game! A great resource to have for teaching fractions! 

Another area we worked on this week was Long E. Who else could I count on none other than Cara Carroll! I was able to print out her Long-E-Kids-Stories-Sorts-Activities! I purchased this packet a while ago and didn't need it at the time, so I was excited to go back and dig through it. The great thing is I was able to put everything together so quickly. 
A great FREE Resource I've used plenty of times Cat-Themed-SearchReadWrite-the-Room-for-Long-E-Words from Erica Bohrer

Another amazing resource I used this week was from Thank God It's First Grade! Susan has amazing resources, and her Writing-Poetry-for-Primary-Grades is no different! This was another great resource for me to pull together so quickly!!! 

So next week, the kiddos are working on number order! I have so many resources I love for this but here are my top three fav! 

From Me 

TpT has completely changed the way I such a good way. These packets all include great resources and include such a variety of ways to assess our students learning. Such a huge part of our job, is measuring the learners progress. 
I'm *praying* so much right now that God has a plan for me since our move. I know that education is my destiny, it's just frustrating to have it so hard to find a position. I don't like to come off as I am complaining, because my family is definitely blessed. Thankfully, because of TpT, our family has been able to survive on one income. But it's not the pay check I's the kids, ah ha moments, the million questions, moments of pure learning, sweet laminating...oh wait, I got a little carried away. The point is, I miss all of it, and I'm glad to be back, even if it is as a substitute teacher. God is in control and I truly believe this. 

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Number Order

Hey Y'all. As most know, my little man is in the First Grade this year :) He's growing up so fast! 

One thing that he has  struggled with is writing his numbers in order in different patterns. He can skip count verbally, but has difficulty writing them in different orders.  This is often an issue with students this age. So I made these little practice sheets to help him with number order and skip counting.  They include counting forward and backwards as well as skip counting. Enjoy! 

You can get your copy HERE.

Till Next Time :)

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