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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Time

What is the BEST thing about Summer Vacation!?!?!

*Family Time
*Sleeping In
*Beach Visits
*Ice Cream on a hottt day

well..maybe there are just too many for me to pick *the best* thing about summer! 
My little family just got back from our annual trip to Florida! We try and head down each year to visit family and soak up the sun! 

I love that the kiddos are getting old enough to make it through theme parks now without any major melt downs! We got to visit Legoland! Oh myyy! We had such a blast there! Several members of my family got to go and we had so much fun! We spent half the day in Legoland and the other half coolin' off in the water park! Talk about a blast! It was one of the highlights of our trip!
We spent the rest of the time just hanging out with family...oh yeah, and visiting a few other theme parks! But this post would be about ten pages long if I talked about that all day!!! 
We also had my (siiiigggh) high school reunion! It feels like YESTERDAY when we walked the the rain! haha! Hard to believe it's been so long!

A few pics from our vacation! 

The hubby and I

I even got to have lunch with my sweet friend Jen from The Teacher's Cauldron! 

Now it's back to life! I must confess I did work a *tad*! My hubby was injured while on vacay and we had to have a little stay at the hospital. He was sleeping most of the time so I plugged away. I updated a few of my FIRST products and I am SO happy with the changes. My best seller is by far-- My R-Controlled-Vowels-Literacy-Packet-!! However, this was literally like the first product I ever made! So I went back and updated it quite a bit! If you've purchased this product..*please* go back and download again! You can do this by going to "My Purchases"!!! 

Here is a little preview...

R Controlled Vowels Literacy Packet!
* eight word sorts
*seven ABC Order centers, two sets for each center 
(with recording sheets) 
*BINGO Center with 8 different boards! 
*R Controlled Vowel word list posters

So what is your favorite part of summer?!?! 

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

R Controlled Vowel Giveaway

              Hey everyone! I did a giveaway last week on my FB Page for my R-Controlled-Vowels-Literacy-Packet! After that giveaway, I realized I have not hosted a giveaway with other bloggers in quite some time! Teaching R Controlled Vowels always takes a {ton} of resources it seems!!! 
 Some of my sweet gals have joined up and donated some of their R Controlled Vowel files for me! All you have to do is "Like" each one of us on FB and Follow our TpT Stores! Pretty easy! 
Check out the great prizes: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Button Clip Art Courtesy: Ashley Hughes,Cara Carroll (Fonts) and Tales From Outside the Classroom

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baseball and R Controlled Vowels!

Well it's that time of year again! We've spent the last two Saturdays working Little League Registration. How is it that I'm already worn out from Baseball and it hasn't even started! This year will be my youngest son's first year for Tee Ball..he is SO excited! My oldest is excited to "show him the ropes" and help him learn to play baseball! They are really close in age and best buddies (well, most of the time ;) )

This week we are starting R Controlled Vowels. I did my room in a Pirate Theme,  using Babbling Abby's Unit. It is the CUTEST thing. She did an amazing job with this unit. You can check it out here. I don't know about all of you, but we are juggling incorporating a new curriculum ( C-Scope) into Journeys, and it's quite difficult. C- Scope calls for skills in first grade that we typically do not teach until second. So it's fun trying to pull everything together. Between C-Scope, Journeys and using Babbling Abby's unit, I still wanted a little extra. So I created a few work stations and whole class games.  Here is a few pictures from the packet. It has four word sorts, four ABC Order activites and a bingo set. My students love FROGS and I figured I could still use it even after we finished our pirate themed. You can get your copy right here HERE

This week is another busy week around our house with Baseball registration finishing up, so until next time!


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