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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Well, Congrats to Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies and Kim at Growing up teaching for the Didax Puzzle Winners! Thanks to everyone for participating! This Week, I am going to give away TWO Trend Bingo Games! All you have to do is 1.) follow my blog,2.) comment below with your Name, Grade Level & E-Mail address! 3.)Follow My Teacher's Notebook and TpT Store! If you already follow, please comment that you do :)

So now to our classroom! For 5 weeks, yes, FIVE, we've been working on R Controlled Vowels! So I've had to throw in some other things because the kiddos are darn tired of it! We've amped up our sight words, and practiced inflectional endings. Pronouns gave us a little bit of trouble a few weeks ago, so we did a little bit of "reteaching" and I found the cutest song on Pintrest check it out here! The kids love it!

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