Monday, August 5, 2013

Back To The Basics

Well, it's that time of the year....
Back..To.. School!

You are either on cloud nine, or dreading it!! We are never in the middle! 
For me, I am super excited for school to start this year!!

My biggest project this summer was my classroom library! It was a WRECK! I've been organizing my books and bins! I wanted a new label system so I made some cute yellow and crazy ones!! 

I am using the gray chevron and yellow theme! Here are a few pictures:

Name Plates- You can use these as tented name plates or flat ones :)

48 Library Labels plus blank ones for you to customize

48 General Supply Labels
Plus: Subject labels
Days of the Week
Months of the Year
Objective Posters
Alphabet (Uppercase and Lowercase) 

Click  HERE To Check Out The FULL Packet!!

I also just posted my Back-To-The-Basics-Math-and-Literacy-Kit-!!!

This back to school themed math and literacy kit has 8 centers! 
The literacy activities are great for guided reading, differentiated instruction or at home practice! The activities are easy to prepare for and are great anchor stations. 
Sight Word Memory
Sight Word Flash Cards (two sets, one full color, one partial)
Missing Letter Deck Set 1
Missing Letter Deck Set 2

Number Line Fun
Addition Fun- Triangle card game
Subtraction Fun- Triangle card game
Addition and Subtraction Fun- a mixed center activity

Both of these items are on sale for a few days :)

Be sure to check out my Sight Word FREEBIE I posted a few weeks ago!

That's what I'm up to--organizing my library and hoping that I get to move into a classroom soon :)
I know God is in control, and I am turning it all over to him!!

Till Next Time 
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  1. I remember the summer I organized my classroom library! It was such a huge job to take on! It is wonderful once it is all organized though!

    Rambling About Reading


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