Monday, August 19, 2013

CVC Words Practice

Hey friends! I wanted to share with you some resources for teaching CVC Words!!

Interactive Flip Charts are a great resource when teaching CVC Words!

I use these in my small groups. I give the students a word, and ask them to make it. You can also start with the picture, have them sound out the  word and build it. Once students are familiar with CVC words, you could also use these at a center as writing prompts. I included blank picture cards for “nonsense” words. You do not have to attach all the picture cards at once. I sometimes just use certain vowel sounds.

 CVC Word Sort- (Two Sets included, one with pictures and one without pictures )                               


This packet includes several centers, but my favorite, is the CVC Word Sort! 
This airplane and hot air balloon themed center mini packet is perfect for any time of the year! It's great to get those reluctant readers engaged in the reading process. My boys LOVE this packet! 


CVC Word Sort- (Two Sets included, one with pictures and one without pictures )
Soaring Sight Words (A Sight Word Game)
Hot Air Balloon Fun (Synonym Matching Game)
Rainbow Rhyming Fun (2 Levels)
Flying High With Word Families (Word Sort)
Soaring Through Parts of Speech
Soaring Double Facts
Flying Time (A time telling center)

This rhyming activity is also included!

*Great TpT CVC Word Packets*

I also use magnetic letters and scrabble tiles to have students build CVC Words.  For more CVC Word Ideas--follow my CVC Word Pinterest Board!!! 

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