Saturday, August 26, 2017


Hey Friends!post signatureUsually around this time of year I post my Crusade for Safety posts to remind us how important safe driving can be. This year, I want to share a different part of that story and how it relates to education. Safe driving is still a very important topic, and I encourage you to read my past posts on my Crusade for Safety campaign I do every August.

As we roll into the end of August, the pressure is on. The paperwork is starting. We are assessing our students, and noticing where we have a lot of work to do. How does this relate to the Crusade for Safety you might ask? Well, the Crusade for Safety is why I started teaching in the first place. You see, when I was in that horrible place in my life, several wonderful teachers went above and beyond to make sure I was successful in school. I was really struggling. My memory was shot, and I wasn't really learning anything. I begin to hate school and started to make excuses of why I couldn't go. Math wasn't my strong point and I had this sweet math teacher that essentially didn't give me the option for it NOT to be my strong point. This was a really crucial time in my life because I was in high school and making decisions about what I wanted to do. Through all of the car accident stuff, my father was also diagnosed with the nasty C word-Cancer. Without the support of the wonderful staff of Auburndale High School (GO BLOODHOUNDS), I'm not sure where I would have ended up. The kind of difference they made me in ME is one I wanted to make in others.


The other day I was starting to feel overwhelmed and then I remembered the date. Dates are always big to me. I remember the dates of everything, the good, the bad and the sad. I knew the anniversary was coming up of our car accident. I didn't think it was a coincidence that I was feeling overwhelmed and realized the time of year at that very moment. I knew it was God. I knew it was God reminding me, Ashley, Why are you doing this? What are you trying to accomplish? What are your goals? Who do you want to help. How do you want to make a difference?

So this is a shorter post then others I've done, but I wanted to basically say, if you are feeling overwhelmed, my advice to you is this: stop and reflect. Why are you teaching? What are you trying to accomplish? You don't have to be religious, and we don't have to have the same beliefs to understand that reflection is a healthy life habit. Education is tough, but so are you. So as we roll into another year of this "Crusade for Safety", I want you to think about two things: Be safe while driving AND remember why you became a teacher.

Y'all, you can do it. We are in this together.

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